Ring of Fire | Copenhagen Pro

I fell into a burning ring of fire
Went down down down and the flames went higher
It burns burns burns that ring or fire  that ring of fire

The Olympics have the Olympic Flame, but that has nothing on the Copenhagen Pro with its Ring of Fire.

If Thrasher Magazine says “let’s light this candle” to kick off an event, run for your skateboard but also consider asbestos undergarments; each year Thrasher starts off the legendary Copenhagen Pro with the ceremonial Ring of Fire. There’s something simultaneously beautiful, gnarly, and primitive (Future Primitive, perhaps?) about the whole thing. It connotes the fires of the druids, pagan rituals, paleolithic man. Sacrifice…initiation…healing…cremation. The light and heat of fire has been used for purification and even for pacifying the gods and fire as far as  for warmth and cooking food also come in quite handy.

The Ring of Fire conjures the ritual of firewalking. No, not that pussy shit where people burnt their feet on hot coals at a recent Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” workshop. The participants couldn’t take the heat and may end up unleashing their attorneys on Tony Robbins. Talk about discouraging: people paid to go walk on hot coals to overcome fear and to break down mental or emotional barriers and ended up blistered to hell and back and feeling pretty defeated. Not good.  I doubt anyone who braved the Ring of Fire on their skateboard felt defeated.

This time around, the Ring of Fire was shaped like the Spitfire head. Ishod Wair nollie heelflipped through the flaming head of doom, some dude knocked the Ring of Fire over as he got nutted on it, giving a whole new meaning to lighting a fire under your ass. The ring had to be re-erected for more mayhem.


There was also a pig roast that of course was skated, too all in the name of going ham at a skate contest. Ishod Wair frontside 360’d it, Chris Cole heelflipped it, and Tony Trujillo kickflipped it, etc. etc.

“It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.”
– Frederick Douglass

The Ring of Fire, incidentally, is also the name for a geographic region in the Pacific Basin– an area known for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and all sorts of intense geological activity where the earth is volatile beneath the surface and there is always the potential for destruction being unleashed at any time.

I guess all we can do as mere mortals is get out there and shake things up, get moving. Go ahead, spark something.


The 2011 International Skateboard Film Festival/Awards and Some History of the Sk8 Video

The skateboard film is an art form that is integral to skateboard sport and culture. Here are the 2011 ISFF Award winners and some history of the skateboard video.

The International Skateboarding Film Festival (ISFF) culminated with the International Skateboarding Film Awards on October 25, 2011 at in Los Angeles, CA. The International Skateboarding Film Festival and Awards was originally the Skate Film Festival, but creator and director, Fabrice La Mao renamed it to reflect the international scope of the film contributors and of skateboarding. Veteran filmmakers, complete novices and everyone in between were all encouraged to enter.

With the long history of moving skateboard imagery, Fabrice Le Mao along with filmmakers, photographers, skateboarders and others professionals in the industry, created the ISFF and Awards to recognize and celebrate skateboard films and their creators.

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Dew Tour 2011: Results, Recap, Rewind and Reload

Dew Tour 2011 is a wrap! Dew Cups and awards were bestowed at the Championships, October 16, 2011. Included here: my favorite Dew Tour moments of the year.


The Dew Tour has come and gone; here are the results of the 2011 Dew Tour Championships at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, presented by Go Daddy.com.

Dew Tour Gnartifat: Jamie Bestwick won his seventh Dew Cup in BMX Vert; he is the only BMX Vert Dew Cup winner ever, winning the Cup since the beginning of the Tour in 2005. At 40 years old, he is one of the legends and architects of modern BMX and still going strong. He competed in his first X Games in 1996 – the early days – when some of his current cohorts were mere toddlers and many riders from 1996 aren’t even riding any more. Some have said that Bestwick was too much of a sentimental favorite to win; it’s actually wonderful that the Dew Tour has come so far as to have such a problem, if that was actually true! His riding was so smooth, so effortless and technical and that– along with his legacy– helped secure the win.

“It’s hard to imagine that the power of dreams and the willingness to take a chance has taken me further than I ever imagined.” – Jamie Bestwick

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Girls Just Wanna Grind – Documentary in the Works – Get on Board!

Kickstart.com is a major creative project funding site that currently has info on an upcoming (hopefully!) documentary on girls that skateboard, by Stark Raving Madeline.

In a time when girls get famous for being bad, these girls are struggling to be good. Help us get their story to the world.

The world needs to see there’s more to girls than trashy reality celebrities, and our documentary effort was born.

It’s a story about remarkable girls who have a passion and a talent. These girls make incredible sacrifices to pursue a sport commonly deemed too dangerous for females. Fraught with challenges and obstacles at every corner, their stories are incredible and mesmerizing: from dealing with cancer to devastating injuries to torn families.

At least $3500 must be pledged by August 8, 2011 for the project to be funded. When you make a donation, there are some pretty nice perks that come with it: good karma for helping this project and getting a positive message out there about ladies who sk8, t-shirt, a print, and even bigger incentives as the dollar amount of donations go up the scale.

Go to Girls Just Wanna Grind and make a donation to a creative, historically worthy cause for the girls of gnar!

Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2010 Amateur Skate and BMX Competitions

Gatorade Free Flow Tour 2010 Amateur Skate and BMX Competitions.