About Leigh

Action sports have an intensity, immediacy & power that is medit8ive. They bring you and hold you in the present moment 

I’m a writer and artist,philosopher, educator,yogini, I have a Masters Degree in education and developmental psych from Columbia University and I have taught in many different education settings for over 20 years, including schools, community education, and museums. I am currently applying my experience in education and with children in my work as behavior support for school students.
I write about action sports for International News/ Rogers Digital bringing’ shreducation and gnartifacts on Sk8 and BMX to the mainstream. Praise the board!
My guilty pleasure has been following extreme sports since their “birth”, particularly BMX Freestyle ( park, dirt, flat) and skateboarding, but I also follow and write about Freeride Mountainbike.
I am writing a book about how skating is a way for living positively, The Noble Sk8fold Path.
I started skating when I was a kid in the kid seventies and started in-line skating in the early 1990s. I still enjoy skating and riding my MTB.
I completely love watching and being part of action sports which are not just a form of athletics, but also art forms which involve a tremendous amount of creativity and guts.

In addition to writing, I’ve been a mixed-media artist and have exhibited my work nationally.
My groovy husband and I are into sustainable/frugal living and of course our two children.


One thought on “About Leigh

  1. Leigh Ann

    Its been 27 years, but being bored at work today, and found your site. Wow. MA from Columbia. Very cool.

    Anyway what really intrigues me is your involvement in extreme sports . I have been a Mountain Bike junkie since I graduated college. So much so that I helped start PTAG in 2001.

    So if its not too weird, drop me an email.

    Happy New Year!


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