VANS Bowl-A-Rama NYC: Barros and Mountain Ride to Wins

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USA 14 October 2012. Bowl-A-Rama grinded onto the US East Coast for the first ever NYC VANS Bowl-A-Rama, held at Hudson River Park’s Pier 62 Skatepark October 4-6, 2012. The World Cup Skateboarding event hosted the world’s elite and legendary skateboarders in Men’s Pro and Masters divisions. Pedro Barros destroyed the bowl with style, creativity and tech, and with this win, he swept all three BOWL-A-RAMA events in 2012.

Vans BOWL-A-RAMA NYC included a week dedicated to skateboarding culture, celebrating art, music and the 20th anniversary of the Vans Half Cab at the House of Vans in Brooklyn.


1. Lance Mountain

2. Steve Caballero

3. Eddie Elguera

4. Christian Hosoi

5. Mike McGill

6. Chris Miller

7. Pat Ngoho

8. Tony Mag

9. Nicky Guerrero

10. Aaron Astorga


1. Pedro Barros

2. Alex Sorgente

3. Ben Hatchell

4. Kevin Kowalski

5. Mike Owen

6. Andy Macdonald

7. Joshua Rodriquez

8. Sky Siljeg

9. Steve Pineiro

10. Rune Gilfberg


Check out the VANS recap:

And World Cup Sk8:

VANS Bowl-A Rama NYC Pro Division/ Pedro Barros:


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