Red Bull Rampage: Kurt Sorge Soared into First

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USA 14 October 2012. Some of the world’s gnarliest and perhaps insane freestyle Mountain Bike riders in the world took on Red Bull Rampage October 7, 2012 for one of action sports’ most exciting and dangerous events. This invite-only event went down in Zion National Park in Virgin, Utah on some of the Earth’s most unforgiving and hellish terrain. Canada’s Kurt Sorge was the man to beat, riding with technical precision and style. He was in first place after the first runs, and didn’t stop at that. He threw down death-defying moves in his second run in the finals, including a massive superman and a backflip drop-down to seal the deal, finishing a full 17 points ahead of Antoine Bizet.


Rampage has riders hurtle down the treacherous 1500-foot freeride course , carving lines on the face of steep cliffs, ridges, and rock as they try to dial in the best lines and fastest times. Riders navigate their way down – sometimes blindly – along cliff faces and dusty trails, clearing gaps, and launching off wooden senders and hips that catapult them to uncertain landings or bone-crunching crashes. One new feature was a 150-foot long ladder bridge to quarter-pipe near the end of the course.

Cam Zink, the winner of the last Rampage in 2010 had a huge crash after going airborne sans bike coming off a sender. Another favorite to win, Darren Berrecloth, also had an unfortunate encounter with the punishing landscape that edged him out of contention.

The riders included returning competitors as well as rookies, and they represented different styles: hardcore freeriders, big-mountain legends, downhill racers, and slopestyle trick-oriented riders. Although the field was heavily Canadian, nine countries and three continents were represented. Red Bull Rampage, one of the FMB Tour’s most anticipated events, follows the Freeski model of riding and judging in four categories: line difficulty, fluidity, air and amplitude, and style.

Red Bull had all the action on a live webcast for fans to soak up the action and it’s available as video on-demand:



1. Kurt Sorge (CAN) 86.75

2. Antoine Bizet (FRA) 79.00

3. Logan Binggeli (USA) 78.50

4. Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) 74.00

5. Tyler McCaul (USA) 71.00

6. James Doerfling (CAN) 70.50

7. Cameron McCaul (USA) 70.00

8. Thomas Vanderham (CAN) 68.25

9. Kyle Strait (USA) 65.75

10. Kyle Norbraten (CAN) 65.25

Footy of Sorge’s winning run is on YouTube

Cam Zink, the 2010 Red Bull Rampage winner crashed, but the magic of video captured the event; watch it on YouTube

For a wild POV video from one of Berrecloth’s lines, check out:



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