Philly Am: East Coast Shredfest (and the kid in the green hat)

Kevin Liedtke shredded home turf  to win the Philly Am in the Sponsored division on Saturday May 5, 2012. There were 245 skateboarders in five divisions at Ambler Skate Plaza, in one of the East Coast’s biggest and best Am events.

Philly Am Rocked 

Spectators gather by the reflecting pool along the side of the course at Ambler Skate Plaza

After getting 2 hours of sleep Friday night, we got up and headed from Pittsburgh across PA to the City of Brotherly Love (of Skate) – Philly. It was 85 degrees in Pittsburgh on Friday and was supposed to be sort of warm in Philly Saturday, May 5. It was about 55 degrees, damp and breezy. I wore a blanket that we keep in the car as a shawl for the greater part of the day. The rain from the night before created a gnarly water hazard along the side of the course, and  many boards went airborn into the drink, just to keep it even more interesting. Ambler Skate Plaza, is beautiful. So many fresh, buttery features and so many kids there to tear it up. It was one of the most organized and efficiently-run amateur skateboarding events I have ever attended and I’ve been to some crazy ones, some with epic skate warm ups/ sessions throughout to give organizers time to regroup and get their excrement consolidated or whatever. But I digress.

When we go to skate events,  there is the knowledge that you are among friends and the atmosphere is relaxed in that strong sense of  comfort. At one point in the morning, as I was taking pictures and drinking coffee, the dj cranked out the Ramones and I knew that if I would happen to die right then and there, I would be exiting this life extremely happy. Just push me out on a skateboard to the coroner’s vehicle, (and bury me clutching a vintage Thrasher wearing my old Zero shirt, that’s all I ask). Dan and I had a great time hanging out and watching the skaters throw down and we enjoyed getting to spend time with our son. The event was first class and super fun and there were so many nice people there, so it was a perfect day– given that the coroner never had to show up to cart me out, and there weren’t any serious injuries, much to the delight of all present…

I was going to network, chat people up, and all that good stuff, but after some reflection on that, I knew it was more appropriate to be there 100% to support Shean. It’s a mom thing and ya can’t argue with that ( Don’t even think about arguing! I won’t have any of that backtalk from any of you guys!)

Whoops!! See that: I just slip out of and back into the Mom thing  like a shape-shifter…but now that the event is over, I cannot resist shifting back into work mode to scribble out a few words about the Philly Am. It’s an obsession and I’m relentless.

The skating was rad and I am proud to report that Shean (aka Shane Rock  or the “kid in the green hat”) skated really well, so fluidly, so in the zone. He made the finals and finished in the top 10 in the Intermediate division.

Not bad for a kid from Pittsburgh coming into hostile (read: Flyers) territory.

They had good words about Shean’s skating, too:

“He’s finding some nice lines on this course”

“The kid in the green hat is just killin’ this course”

“Did you see that feeble? That was perfect!”

“Back tail on the marble ledge, was that a shuv out? What was that anyway?!”




From ThreeSixteen Skate

(245) Philly AM Skate Competitors

Top 12 |Sponsored 73 skaters

1. Kevin Liedtke – Ambler Skate Shop
2. Matt Militano – Fairmans Skate Shop
3. Dylan Sourbeer – The Armory Skate Shop
4. Jeremy Murray
5. Nate Pezillo
6. Tore Bevino
7. Ronnie Kessner
8. Ian Smith
9. Kyle Nicholson
10. Shane Colville
11. Corey Huber
12. John Tuck

Top 3 | 30 and over 8 skaters

1. Mike McGuire
2. Mitch Hartman
3. Jesse Clayton

Top 5 (Advanced) 63 skaters

1. Joe Uva
2. Justin Adenirian
3. Matt Giovanni
4. Toly Bitny
5. Ryan Losito

Top 5 | Intermediate 61 skaters

1. Jason Nam
2. Brandon Schiff
3. Ethan Todt
4. James Coleman
5. Adam Soloman

Top 5 | Grom 13 and under 40 skaters

1. Destin Adeniran
2. Jason Nam
3. Nick Weber
4. George Correjo
5. Nate Paugh

Footy from the Sponsored division

Thanks to Ambler Skate Plaza, ThreeSixteen, Ambler Skate Shop, Reign Skate, and everyone who made Philly Am a great event. Congrats to all the winners (woo hoo!) & all the skaters killin’ it!


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