Suite’s Extreme Best of 2011 – Skateboarding Top Ten Moments

Here’s the Best in Skateboarding 2011, including my Top Ten in Skateboarding, favorite skate videos for 2011 and up and coming skaters to watch in 2012.
Looking out the window here at Suite Shredquarters, it’s too wet to skate, too warm to snowboard and my bike is buried under all the boxes for the Christmas decorations. I’ve been caught up in the madness of the holiday and now it’s time to get back on the grind. As we welcome a new year of shredding let’s look back at the extreme best of 2011 in skateboarding and refresh with some 2011 gnartifacts.

“Only by surrendering to the activity of skating can you have any insight into as to why it means so many different things to so many different people.”

– Niall Neeson, The Skateboard Mag, December 2011.

Skateboarding Top Ten Best in 2011


  • Number 10 – Lacey Baker’s win in Skate Street at Girlzilla, World Cup Skateboarding at Relentless NASS in the UK
  • Number 9 – Marisa Dal Santo’s gold in X Games Women’s Skate Street
  • Number 8 – The Copenhagen Pro with Raven Tershy slicing the bowl. The insane trick throw-down in Copenhagen’s ring of fire was a highlight of the year
  • Number 7 – Andrew Reynolds, “The Boss” winning Maloof Money Cup in D.C. and Greg Lutzka’s NYC Maloof win
  • Number 6 – Converse Coastal Carnage Skate Bowl contest in Huntington Beach, CA with Tom Remillard winning and Tony Hawk taking Best Trick
  • Number 5 – Sean Malto winning the Street League Championship. Hurricane Irene couldn’t stop Street League skaters and fans and Malto rejoiced when he snagged victory away from Nyjah Huston. Nyjah fans could still brag on that he took an unprecedented three wins for the SLS in 2011.
  • Number 4 – PLG claiming his third Dew Cup in Skate Vert
  • Number 3 – Nyjah Huston winning X Games gold in Skate Street; at age 16 he became the youngest X Games Skate Street gold medalist
  • Number 2 – Mitchie Brusco’s 900 in the Mega Ramp he landed in X Games 17 practice, made him the youngest person (age 14), to ever land a 900
  • Number 1 – Not a specific skater, event or milestone, but the best thing in skate was the concrete bowl in the Dew Tour 2011. Spohn Ranch designed and engineered the portable skate bowl that brought the bowl, the genesis of all things skate, to its rightful spot in modern skateboarding.

Not to be forgotten: Bucky Lasek, legend and Dew Tour Crossover athlete in Skate Vert and Bowl and Allysha Bergado winning the Vans Girls’ Combi Pool Classic.

Best Skate Videos of 2011


  • In Search of the Miraculous, Pontus Alv – a powerful, visual document that weaves the meaning of life and death with Alv’s private vision, and of course, with skateboarding, that must be experienced. It is beautiful, surreal and includes amazing skating.
  • Torey Pudwill’s Big Bang – One of the tightest most eye-popping videos to hit the pavement. Pudwill has more tricks per second and too much technical skills for any one person to have in their own power. The Heavy’s “How You Like Me Now?” would be a cliché for any other skater’s soundtrack; for T. Puds it was the obvious choice.
  • Nike SB, The SB Chronicles, Vol.1 – tons of shredding by skaters including: Grant Taylor, Chet Childress, Youness Amrani, Stefan Janoski and many others – epic.
  • Nyjah Huston’s Rise and Shine – Pure Nyjah. Nothing else needs to be said.

In with the New – Skaters to Watch Out for in 2012


  • Manny Santiago – Killed it at both Maloof Money Cup DC and the Dew Tour. Check out 9.10.11; he’s called Manny Slays All for a reason.
  • Evan Smith – Winner of Maloof Money Cup NYC Am contest and a skater with unbelievable skills and style.
  • Trevor Colden – Tampa Am winner and super gritty, tough rider that has come a long way in a short time, considering he’s only 17.
  • Nolan Munroe – Winner of the World Cup Orange Freestyle Cup in Marseilles, FR and a major force in bowl/ vert.
  • Aldrin Garcia– Winner of Maloof High Ollie Challenge with a world record 45″ ollie and one amazing ripper.

Don’t Count Out – Youness Amrani. See him in the new Nike SB Chronicles video. A Manny Mania Am title in 2010 brought him much-deserved notoriety.
Don’t Forget the Ladies – Lacey Baker and Taylor Beatty, the only girls that tore it up with the guys at the Tampa Am; Noelle Stolp and Stacie Roberts, who took the two top spots in the Rockstar Bearings game of SKATE at the Tampa Am
“No matter how you look at skateboarding, one thing is undeniable: it’s an adventure. Just how far you want to take the trip is up to you.”

– Mike O’Meally (SLAP Skateboarding Magazine, March 2000)

It was a great year of skating and as the book on 2011 closes, there are many exciting moments coming up for 2012. Enjoy the year, enjoy life and enjoy the ride – push on!

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