Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010 Preview Article Old News Worth Saving

This was my article I wrote for the preview of the Maloof Money Cup in NYC.

The Maloof Money Cup was kind enough to include this on their website News section. It has since been disabled at Suite101, since it’s outdated and they are cleaning up.
I want to keep the article so I’m pasting it here. Enjoy
The Maloof Money Cup (MMC) annual pro-am skateboarding competition is expanding to New York City in 2010, bringing the excitement and vibe of the annual skate event to the East Coast and along with it, pro skaters, a wild-card contest, cash prizes and a brand new skatepark for the city of New York. The skate competition in New York will feature a street contest, while the Southern California contest, in its third year, maintains its street and vert competition format and expands to a five day event. Joe and Gavin Maloof, whose family owns the NBA Sacramento Kings and the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, said they will hold the Maloof Money Cup in New York June 5-6, 2010 at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens.

MMC Details

The New York competition will feature a wild-card contest, giving local skaters the chance to shred and compete against some top pros in the industry. Sports Illustrated reports that pro skaters Chris Cole (2009 Maloof champ), Geoff Rowley, New York skating icon Steve Rodriguez and Joe Ciaglia of California Skateparks will team up to design the street course. The total prize purse for the New York competition is nearly $250,000 with the winner earning $100,000. According to ESPN invited pros include defending champs Chris Cole (street) and Alex Perelson (vert).

The skateboard park for the NYC Maloof Money Cup will be built using money donated by the Maloof brothers and the extra costs for the construction will be funded by contributions from sponsors Vans and Monster Energy. Randy Kim on Outdoors reportes that the Maloofs are putting up $1.8 million to create the new skatepark for the city of New York through the “Adopt-a-Park” program of the City Parks and Recreation department.

Maloof Money Cup NYC Street Course Features

Construction of the 16,000-square-foot skate park is underway– the ground breaking was March 24, 2010. The course was inspired by NY street spots within the five boroughs, including:

Original Brooklyn Banks 9-stair replica rail
Union Square rail/steps
Police Plaza 7-stair rail/various stairs
Ziegfeld ledge
Chrystie Park ledge
Exchange Place street gap
JFK Banks
Con Ed Banks
Pyramid ledges
Flushing Meadows Park ledge-over-the-grate replica
Various rails in public parks and the aesthetics of many of the spots in Brooklyn
Flushing Meadows Park Will be the Maloof Money Cup Site

Flushing Meadows Park, one of the largest parks in the city of New York, will be the site for the new street park for the Maloof Money Cup. The park was created to host the 1939 World’s Fair and hosted the 1964 World’s Fair as well. The park includes such famed institutions such as the Queens Museum of Art, the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, and Citi Field, home of the Mets. The iconic Unisphere that was built as a symbol for the 1964 World’s Fair is a central focus of the park and the surrounding ledges are a skateboard mecca.

The Maloof Money Cup gets very positive reviews among skate pros; the courses created for the Cup borrow from legendary street skate spots and New York will be no exception. The irony here is that the Flushing Meadows Park is already a legendary skate spot that skaters all over the US flock to and the site has appeared in many skate videos.

NYC and East Coast Skaters Will Benefit

The good news for New Yorkers is that the Maloofs will donate the street park course to the city once the contest is over. Large open spaces to create skateparks are at a premium in most cities, and especially in NYC, so the new park will be extremely welcome by boarders. The Flushing Meadows site being a permanent skate site will be an added bonus for the city and skaters. Skaters will definitely enjoy this new facility, a sustainable park for US and NYC skaters to enjoy for a long time after the Maloof event.


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