The 2011 International Skateboard Film Festival/Awards and Some History of the Sk8 Video

The skateboard film is an art form that is integral to skateboard sport and culture. Here are the 2011 ISFF Award winners and some history of the skateboard video.

The International Skateboarding Film Festival (ISFF) culminated with the International Skateboarding Film Awards on October 25, 2011 at in Los Angeles, CA. The International Skateboarding Film Festival and Awards was originally the Skate Film Festival, but creator and director, Fabrice La Mao renamed it to reflect the international scope of the film contributors and of skateboarding. Veteran filmmakers, complete novices and everyone in between were all encouraged to enter.

With the long history of moving skateboard imagery, Fabrice Le Mao along with filmmakers, photographers, skateboarders and others professionals in the industry, created the ISFF and Awards to recognize and celebrate skateboard films and their creators.

Read the rest of the article at Suite101: Skate Videos & The International Skateboard Film Festival Awards |–the-international-skateboard-film-festival-awards-a394362#ixzz1e1gTAVM3


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