Dew Tour Championships: Cranmer Won BMX Park and the Dew Cup

Scotty Cranmer won the Las Vegas BMX Park event and with the win, won his first Dew Cup ever in one of the most exciting and dramatic BMX contests ever.

The Dew Tour 2011 culminated in the Championships in Las Vegas and Saturday, October 15, 2011 in the BMX Park finals, Scotty Cranmer faced huge pressure, yet finished one of the best seasons of his career with a huge win in one of the most exciting contests in Dew Tour history that secured his first Dew Cup.

Going into the finals, the top four included Kyle Baldock in first, Cranmer in second, Dennis Enarson in third, and Brett Banasiewicz in fourth. Baldock has been so tough this year and he looked like he was the guy to beat, which was crazy considering he didn’t even qualify for the Tour last year. Cranmer, who won BMX Park at the Portland Dew Tour stop, has been exceptionally focused and disciplined this year and his riding has been consistently huge and technically dialed in and he was going to go big.

Ride Fast Land Flat

There were twelve riders that made it to the finals where each got two 45-second runs to make something happen; the highest scoring run would count. In the first runs, every rider came out of the gate banging, bringing their best stuff and some surprises, too.Here are some of the highlights:

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