One Crazy Email

This was in my Junk email today. It was so crazy and laughable– not to mention barely intelligible – I had to share it!

PS I never do ACH transactions so when I see these I know they’re b.s.


Payment Notification #55074107
The ACH transaction (ID:55074107 ), recently initiated from your checking account (by you or any other person), was canceled by the other financial institution.
Rejected transaction
Transaction ID: 55074107
Reason for rejection: See details

The body of the Message (seriously, I couldn’t make this up):

Then it was suddenly loud again, no louder than normal speaking volume, but sounding like a shout in the secret basement.If you send your lacemaking machine among the natives of New Guinea it will become valueless.But there was no real order to their knowledge, and it was all an unconsidered byproduct of their single goal, the whole nonsense of transmutation.Very goodthen there is no need to make introductions.One man standing by himself tells us nothing.For thirty years, he produced and distributed Project Gutenbergtm eBooks with only a loose network of volunteer support.Neel glanced sideways at the wiry, darkskinned Brazilian and wondered what he could say to smooth things out.Now it is slightly positive and nothing we can do seems to change it.


If you have any clue WTF this is about, by all means send me a message, or perhaps call and if my lacemaking machine isn’t too loud, and if I can take calls in my secret basement and whatnot, we can chat about it!


One thought on “One Crazy Email

  1. What in the wor…wait… I don’t even think that came from our Universe, let alone this world. LOL! That’s absolutely hilarious & pathetic. Do they actually think they’ll ensnare someone in the now valueless lacemaking machine? *falls over laughing* Thanks for the humor, Leigh!

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