Dal Santo’s X Games Gold Article Redux and Women’s Skate in X Games

I just re-read my article on Dal Santo’s win at X Games in the Women’s Skateboard Street. Considering how much women’s skateboarding in general has progressed and the variety of events (especially in the World Cup Skate events), it’s disheartening and questionable that the X Games eliminated Women’s Vert in XG17.

Here’s the article:

Dal Santo won a gold medal in Skateboard Street, the only Women’s Sk8 event in X Games 17.

Here’s a profile on Dal Santo and Women’s Skate in the X Games.
Marisa Dal Santo won the Women’s Skateboard Street event at the recent X Games 17 with an excellent run where she earned a solid 88.0 points, defeating her toughest competition of the day the sk8 powerhouse Leticia Bufoni and last year’s X Games gold medalist, Alexis Sablone. Dal Santo first competed in the X Games in 2005, winning a bronze medal that year. This is Dal Santo’s third X Games gold; she also took gold in Women’s Street in 2007 and 2009.

Dal Santo Wins Womens Sk8 Street at X Games 17

Dal Santo banged out tricks efficiently on the street course with her usual relaxed style, landing a front lipslide on the ledge, back boardslide down the rail, kickflip to flat, crooked grind down the six-stair rail, big 50-50 down the hubba ledge and a huge backside 180 kickflip over the gap. Sablone landed her kickflip to 50-50 grind down the rail and locked in a silver medal. After the contest, Dal Santo said, “I like this course. It flows pretty well. I didn’t really have a run planned out. I just figured out what works and stuck with it, I guess. It was pretty fun.”

There were ten qualifiers for Women’s Street, the top five made it to the finals. Here’s how they finished:

X Games 17 Women’s Skateboard Street Results

  1. Marisa Dal Santo
  2. Alexis Sablone
  3. Leticia Bufoni
  4. Elissa Steamer
  5. Jessica Florencio
  6. Candy Jacobs
  7. Rachel Reinhard
  8. Eliana Sasco
  9. Amy Caron
  10. Vanessa Torres

After the first round, Dal Santo squeaked into the top five along with Bufoni, Florencio, Sablone and Steamer, who has four golds to her credit. Dal Santo didn’t get to practice on the course too much before the competition, so she got to settle into a groove and get comfortable as the competition progressed, which worked to her advantage. Considering that a few months ago she had surgery on both wrists, she killed it.

Skater Marisa Dal Santo

Dal Santo, from Chicago, has been skating professionally since 2005; including her gold in X Games 17, she has won six X Games medals. She has been featured in Transworld Skateboarding Mag, Thrasher and has many skate videos to her credit as well. She also has bragging rights to being one of two ladies (along with Elissa Steamer) to have faced down the formadable, legendary Wallenberg Four stair set. She was recently featured in an “Off the Board” video for Transworld Skate, too.

Considering that this is 2011, it seems weird to be calling women skaters “pioneers”; there have been women skaters since Patti McGee started shredding back in the mid 1960s. But Marisa is among the group of current women skaters that have broken the concrete barrier, pushing the progression of the sport and showing that skate skills are skate skills, regardless of gender; you either have the goods or not and Marisa definitely shreds. She was one of four female skaters included as mystery guests on teams for Thrasher’s 2010 King of the Road, skating on the winning Nike SB team.
Women’s Skateboarding in X Games

The Women’s Skateboard Street has been an X Game disipline since 2003 and in the interest of parity, and as a result of hard work to bring about such changes, in 2008 the X Games began awarding the same prize money for the Men’s and Women’s event. For X Games 17, it was decided in May of 2011 that Women’s Vert would not be included, excluding a whole group of skaters from the X Games, including X Games Vert mainstays like Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins, who has seven X Games medals: three gold, three silver, and a bronze.

The elimination of vert and lack of a Skateboard Park event for the ladies prevents a whole contingent of women that compete in World Cup Skateboarding events from competing in the X Games. Mary Buckheit recently wrote an excellent analysis of this on ESPN.com and hopefully X Games 18 will have more events for the ladies who skate and their growing fan base.

Congrats to Marisa on another gold– check out ESPN’s X Games interview with Dal Santo.


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