Girls Just Wanna Grind – Documentary in the Works – Get on Board! is a major creative project funding site that currently has info on an upcoming (hopefully!) documentary on girls that skateboard, by Stark Raving Madeline.

In a time when girls get famous for being bad, these girls are struggling to be good. Help us get their story to the world.

The world needs to see there’s more to girls than trashy reality celebrities, and our documentary effort was born.

It’s a story about remarkable girls who have a passion and a talent. These girls make incredible sacrifices to pursue a sport commonly deemed too dangerous for females. Fraught with challenges and obstacles at every corner, their stories are incredible and mesmerizing: from dealing with cancer to devastating injuries to torn families.

At least $3500 must be pledged by August 8, 2011 for the project to be funded. When you make a donation, there are some pretty nice perks that come with it: good karma for helping this project and getting a positive message out there about ladies who sk8, t-shirt, a print, and even bigger incentives as the dollar amount of donations go up the scale.

Go to Girls Just Wanna Grind and make a donation to a creative, historically worthy cause for the girls of gnar!


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