Help BMX Athletes Ty Pinney and TJ Lavin

I was finally able to order a photo of Ty Pinney on his bike from The Big Tom Project!  “Big Tom” has photos on his site for sale that are helping to raise funds to offset costs of hospital bills for Ty Pinney and TJ Lavin. His work was available at fundraisers for the riders, including the event hosted by Dana White held early in December at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. 

Pinney and Lavin were both hurt when they crashed on their bikes within 24 hours of each other in October practicing for the last stop of the Dew Tour in Vegas.

The photos are beautiful and I’m so glad I was able to get one; it will look great on my office wall! They are very reasonably priced, so if you like BMX, want to send out some good karma and help people, then check out The Big Tom Project and order a photo! Waiting for it also gives me a happy feeling when checking the mail, as opposed to the usual dread…


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