Simpel Session 2011 Results–bezanson-repeats-bmx-title-kerley–ty-trick-it-a315986

My article on the recent Simpel Session BMX competition. It was an amazing event and thanks to the magic of the internet in the way of, I was able to watch the prelims and finals and all the in between goodies. Simpel Session on Facebook brought updates as they came in, beautiful photos, and the chance to talk to other fans!

Impressive riding! I think back to the beginnings of freestyle BMX and of course that was exciting as hell to watch. The extent that the sport has evolved is remarkable. The amount of tricks fired off just in this past weekend alone …unbelievable! The sick lines by each rider– such talent and skill displayed by all of the riders. I was so thankful for the opportunity to see it. It was crazy- Saturday night after watching the prelims that day, I actually dreamed about the riding! It was that good!

I hope BMX freestyle (and other extreme sports)  can continue to get wider mainstream appeal and with it the exposure, sponsorship, prize money, and all the great things that go with it– and not get watered down and commodified to the point where its essence is squeezed from it; can’t let that happen.

Thanks to everyone involved in this event and especially the riders. I have such an appreciation for your dedication,  hard work, creativity and guts.


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