Simpel Session – Keep it Simpel

I don’t live in Estonia and have no plans to do so; I’m pretty content to live in the ‘Burgh. But because of the magic of the internet, I can watch events all over the world and follow the action from here. So, being able to follow the upcoming Simpel Session is definitely something to get a warm fuzzy feeling about in the dead of winter.

Simpel Session, going down Feb 5& 6 (practice dates on the 3rd &4th), began a few years ago and is now one of the biggest pro BMX and skateboarding events in the world. The fact that it happens in February makes it even gnarlier- it’s a serious bright spot in the winter! Riders from all over the world participate.

So in anticipation of the ‘Sesh, I’ll check out the amazing photos and video from past years they have on their site. Check it out!

There is also a list of confirmed riders for this year and images of the course design. enjoy!


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