Hardball Big Number A Reality Check

Tonight’s Hardball Big Number was another example of the unbelievable amounts of money that people and companies have to waste in a time when so many truly have so little. $395 million on 2010 political campaigns is ridiculous when all it’s buying is more political inertia. Talk about a bad investment.

We came up with a couple of ideas while watching Hardball to help curb the costs of political campaigns and move these out of touch morons into the 21st century where their constituents have to live and work every day:

  • Instead of expensive tv ads, have more radio(satellite, regular) ads for one thing and more information on the news publicizing websites where info on candidates can be provided for people who still know how to read (there are many who read- news flash- the internet’s pretty popular).
  • In keeping with modern times, these knuckleheads can make videos and post them on YouTube – for free!!! What a  concept.

This is only a start and there’s lots of ways to be creative and cut back.


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