Rude Girl, Not Rude Boy

So I’m merrily on my way to the pool with my daughter and her friend in the back of the car. Nice hot day, sun shining. My mother in law called  me to give me an update on my father in law who had pretty serious surgery this morning so I’m driving extra slow through this particular residential area. Three teenage girls are walking in a line across the center of the street so I figure, give them time, I’m talking anyway, they’ll move over. Wrong. They pretend not to see my intimidating Vibe. So I lay on the horn. They start to scoot over and the rude girl on the end, with all the swagger she can muster (which ain’t much if you’re like 14 and ain’t really seen or done  much yet) in slow-mo raises her arm carelessly and gives me the finger. Just like that.
What, she’s angry because I didn’t hit her with my car? I’m not sure…
So I did what any self-respcting mother would do– I passed them up, rolling back the sunroof and lifted a nice seasoned middle finger up in the air and yelled “Get a job!”
Needless to say it was huge hit with the kiddies.


One thought on “Rude Girl, Not Rude Boy

  1. That’s great! I stumbled upon this post during a search and just had to comment. Last week, I was driving through a neighborhood at a reasonable speed and came upon a group of teenage boys playing basketball in the street. I inched toward them, assuming they’d move because my car would win that battle, and they just kept on playing. I finally had to honk and they slowly moved away, yelling vulgar things at me the entire time. The last time I checked, roads were for CARS. Did that change recently? Good for you for giving it right back to that little brat.

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