State of emergency

So the big storm hit and we got quite a bit of snow, at least 2 feet possibly 30″ of snow. We are snowed in on  our steep hill and there is no chance of getting the street plowed for at least the next 12-24 hours. Civillization is so close but completely inaccessible.
The kids aren’t understanding why their friends can’t get rides over and we can’t give them rides anywhere. “It’s a state of emergency- that’s why the storm is such a big deal! Unless you have to be out, like a firefighter, police, doctor, nurse or ambulance driver, we have to stay off the road.”
The wireless router stopped working while our son was playing xbox online with his friends. We cracked up because we sounded like old timers: “When we were kids we didn’t have as many things to do when we were snowed in, you guys don’t know how lucky you are!” My husband and I  spent a large part of the day reminiscing about snowstorms of the recent past and snowstorms of our youth.

 Realizing as “good” as we think our kids have it, we also think it’s not as “good” as we had it: we had to tough it out. Then I think about the pioneers living in cabins in this kind of weather and I realize they were pretty damn remarkable people. Snowed in –with 3 feet of snow around their cabins, snow as far as they can see, with no plow ever coming to their street.  I realize how ridiculous I am!

Our son whined on the bed, lamenting the temporary malfunction of the router, “But it’s the only thing I can do!” Within a few minutes I had the router re-booted and he was back to xbox.
Our kids have it easy. They would’ve never been able to survive dial-up!


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