Given the fact that my parents are older now, and still living in their home; and considering the fact that their power went out in this snowstorm and they were stuck in their house because my father was not able to get their driveway open with the snowblower, I think it may be time for them to consider downsizing.
I know they love their home, but it may be getting too hard for them to maintain it. My dad has early Alzheimers and is taking medication that is working in many ways but it is not going to stop the inevitable…
I know if I would suggest this, my dad would think I’m suggesting they are dying or something.
It’s the practical thing to do. My parents have always been practical.
It’s not that their lives are over, it’s just that they are in a different stage of their lives. Different life circumstances bring different living arrangements.
I’m thankful my brother was able to get out and rescue them.


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